Welcome to ToastMo

On behalf of Two Toasters, welcome to ToastMo! We’re very excited to finally throw open the doors and share what we’re doing. What are we doing? First let’s talk about who we are and things will start getting clearer.

Who is Two Toasters?

Two Toasters is a growing, highly acclaimed mobile development company based out of Durham, NC and New York City. We love developing beautiful applications for our customers focused primarily on Android and iOS platforms. We’re pretty good at it, too, if we do say so ourselves. Since we’re growing, we’re always looking out for good young developers to turn into awesome veteran Android and iOS developers. We do a lot of teaching internally and decided as a company that it would be rewarding to extend that knowledge out the doors to the general mobile development community.

Why? Simply put, we like cool apps. More good mobile developers means more cool apps. And more good developers hopefully means fewer bad developers which leads to fewer bad apps. Bad apps make our souls bleed. We hate that.

What is ToastMo?

ToastMo is our repository of knowledge. It’s our place to post things we’ve learned, things we wish to teach, or things we think people should know. Some things on ToastMo will be basic, some will be advanced. Some things you might already know, some – hopefully most – you might not. We’ll be teaching things we teach our own junior developers, things that often aren’t necessarily obvious if you haven’t done it before. We’ll teach best practices we’ve developed over time based on our experience with our projects.

How can I get involved?

Thanks for joining us! Requests for future topics are always appreciated, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.